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Since 1988, The Edyne and Allen Gordon Foundation has searched for strategic ways to support both education and preservation of biodiversity, and to promote awareness of our planetary needs.

Our Mission Statement

The Edyne and Allen Gordon Foundation assists non-profit organizations that enhance knowledge, conservation, and protection of the natural world.

The Edyne and Allen Gordon Foundation believes everything in the universe is interrelated, including human, animal, and natural ecosystems – and through both education and action we can protect, nurture, and restore the natural habitats on which all life depends.

EAGF Land Conservation Grant awarded to A Looking Glass Sanctuary, in collaboration with the Fellowship for Today and the Michigan Nature Association.
Glass River
EGAF provides support for safeguarding a healthy environment for the future.

Our outreach and vision include:

  • Increasing consciousness of the deep interconnection of all life on the planet through knowledge, understanding, transformation and empowerment.
  • Preserving endangered species and habitat through management, restoration, and acquisition.
  • Protection and advocacy for the humane treatment of all animals.
  • Recognition and preservation of indigenous peoples’ understanding of the natural sciences from their traditional knowledge and culture.
  • Supporting the spiritual, artistic, and educational efforts of selected non-profit organizations that raise awareness, inspire change, and promote the interrelationship of all life.
We fund unique and innovative projects within our outreach areas when the expected outcome is high-impact, long-term, and measurable. (Unsolicited inquiries into funding will be automatically disqualified from grants.)
EAGF Grant awarded to the NM Wildlife Center, Science Education & Research Initiative, River Classroom students discussing their river depth measurements during a day on the Rio Chama.
Allen Gordon, Founder
Edyne Gordon, President & Executive Director
Allen Gordon, Founder 1988

Edyne and Allen Gordon Foundation, Inc.
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